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Having been in the business since 2012, we’ve been asked many questions- take a peek below and see if you can find the answer to your questions.


“I’m going on holidays for 10 days in March, how often should kelowna house sitter check my property?”

All insurance providers, and all insurance policies are different. We strongly recommend you contact your insurance policy provider, and ask them what the policy requires. Some policies will require visits every 48 hours, while some policies may only require 1 visit a week. Whatever your policy says, be sure to read the small print, ie. do you have to turn your water off?

“I’ve never had a home watch company before, why would i begin having someone check on my property now?”

Your home is one of your most valuable assets. It’s worthwhile to check your policy and make sure that in case of a flood, roof leak, downed tree, or break-in, that your policy will cover you. Imagine paying your premiums for years, then having your policy denied only because you did not have a reputable company like Kelowna House Sitter checking on your home.

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“I’ve seen other company’s home watch vehicles driving around town, where is the Kelowna house sitter vehicle?”

KHS does not have any decals on their vehicles, as this would be a clear indicator to nefarious individuals as to which homes may be unattended for long periods of time.

“What are the costs of your services?”

Check out our RATES page for information.

“My neighbour offered to look after my place this winter, and they’re free!”

It’s always great living in a neighbourhood where people keep an eye out for each other; but for insurance purposes, homeowners should have each visit documented. Kelowna House Sitter has a thorough check-list that we use for every property check. Not to mention, what happens if your neighbour goes out of town!



We can arrange for stock of groceries upon return, lawn and garden maintenance, winter snow removal, light housekeeping and other services that may be required. Just ask!  We can also arrange for drop off and pick up services from the airport or other convenient locations. Other specialized needs can be arranged. Your home and personalized needs will be well served by Kelowna House Sitter.

“Are you insured?”

Kelowna House Sitter is commercially insured, and federally bonded. References always available.